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Creatively utilizing a wide array of evidence-informed techniques to respectfully invite ones limiting patterns to be recognized, and unwound.

Hello, and welcome to Artful Touch, a 5-star rated massage and art studio on Tacoma's Antique Row! I am Courtnee Fallon Rex LMP, CGRS (MA60035095), proprietor and self care accomplice crafting bespoke bodywork sessions for all manner of satisfied patrons since graduating from the renowned Brian Utting School of Massage in 2008. I excel at weaving medical massage, somatic unwinding®, breathwork, postural assessment, energy work, mindfulness, and self care education into empowering, enjoyable, and deeply restorative experiences that effect my clients long after a session has run its course. 

  • Studio rate is $100 hourly
  • Cancellation policy is 24 hours/$60 flat fee.
  • 20% industry discount offered to students, teachers, and health practitioners.
  • Payment options include CA$H, Check, Square, Venmo, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex.
  • Scheduling is done by Emailing Courtnee directly (prefer text? 206-519-4297)
  • Artful Touch does not accept insurance.
  • 90 minutes highly preferred for first-time clients

The majority of my practice is working within 3 to 12 sessions or more in order to assist phases of transitional recovery, usually from injury or habitual self-neglect. The intent of Artful Touch is to help people re-learn how to "be less like a brain in a jar", as a recent client eloquently stated. 

Just looking for a rubdown? Me too sometimes! I'm open to one-off's, maintenance, and tending to travelers; however, if you do not wish to engage in what makes my work at Artful Touch unique, BeHive, Serenity, Rapture, and Happy Holistic are a few fantastic local options specializing in excellent table massage service. (Looking to get massage in Seattle? Join the Artful Touch Mailing List!)

Location and Parking


  • Located in the Passages building, 708 Broadway (near McMenamins Elks Temple)!
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • served by the 2, 3, 48, 500, 501, 594 bus lines, Theater District station, and Lakewood Sounder train.
  • Metered Street Parking mainly limited to 2 hours, $1 per hour. There are free 2-hour spaces just north of the Passages building on Broadway, if you're feelin' lucky.
  • The building is locked late night and on weekends. Contact Courtnee for the code if you're locked out.


Knowing the human system as a remarkably wise, creative machine which is consistently (and often seemingly invisibly!) responding to the stressors enforced upon it, I approach presented pain or dysfunction not as an isolated pathology, but as an exceedingly intricate system of many clever and correct adjustments that one has made in order to adapt. 

Listening is a vital aspect of my work, and it begins in the first few moments of your session when we start talking about what's going on with you. I ask about your past, present, and future goals, how you sustain yourself, how you maneuver challenges, what tools you already have, and get a feel for how you live in your body before ever coaching or touching you. 

Somatic Unwinding®:

I employ guided exploratory practices including breath work and relatable visualizations to engage ones curiosity, subjective perception, and felt senses as we collaborate in session. Somatic Unwinding® most vibrantly shows the utility in these sorts of embodiment methods and what they can accomplish.

Thomas Hanna defined soma as the body experienced from within, meaning you alone, as a soma, are capable of the perception of your sense of what it feels like to inhabit yourself. Karen Clay's Somatic Unwinding®, based on Hanna's work, combines simple, often unfamiliar actions with a level of subtle awareness rarely utilized in our everyday lives.

These movements, done clothed while laying down, are meant to be easeful, comfortable, and performed very, very slowly. Vocally, I guide you through a physically meditative exploration, with focus of your perception on the subtle senses of your movement itself. As reiteration and ease lull your neurology, your deepened sensory awareness allows for the possibility of a softer way of being, and a gateway to understanding more deeply how you've come to be the way you are.

This modality acts as a very effective method of helping us to investigate what would do well receiving further manual attention during your session, as well as standing powerfully on its own, often as some of my favorite 'homework' to gift.


I offer clothed and draped massage options, short and long session variations, table and chair work, and I only use the amount of emollient I actually need to get the job done. Anticipate verbal communication, assessment, palpation, twisting, stretching, compressions, rocking, and vibration as core elements of most manual sessions, along with:

  • Intraoral massage (a gloved modality focusing on the muscles of the jaw and mouth treating headaches, tension, and TMJ disorders)
  • Passive and/or active mobilization (passive gymnastics, moving your limbs around the edge of their range)
  • Neuromuscular Technique (using specific continuous pressure on a sore spot to allow release)
  • Muscle Energy techniques (using active resistance to trick stuff into relaxing. 
  • Swedish Deep Tissue (long strokes with forearms and elbows, frictions, pin and stretch)

I may also integrate fundamentals of Thai massage (getting on the table, standing on you, stretching using my feet to leverage), Trager (which is a rocking flopping trancy sort of shakey thing), Sports Massage (vigorous picky-uppy thumpy stuff, really good before/after a marathon!), and Lomi Lomi (long, smooth, relaxing strokes along extended planes of the body) into some of my more creative manual work.

I happily offer essential oil aromatics air sprays for any session at no charge, and for safety, I do not ever apply these oils directly to the skin.

massage roomIntroduction Series
$420 ($30 savings)
A proper initiation in three 90-minute sessions.

After our first meeting, you'll leave my studio feeling better, with some new tools, and a little bit of homework to help you through your week.

Next, we'll look into what you've got going on under the surface, building upon our previous work to deepen your connection with yourself, and map out a plan of action to help you continue your progress; with or without me! 

Then, we solidify what you've already learned, add some more details, and determine whether continuing to work together is the best course of action for you. 

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