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Brian Utting - I opened my massage business practicing in downtown Seattle in 2008 after graduating the original curriculum of the Brian Utting school, whose motto was "to produce outstanding massage practitioners with a deeper sense of their humanity.". Brian founded the Brian Utting School of Massage (BUSM) in Seattle, WA in 1982 and was BUSM's Director, Director of Education, and a lead instructor there for 26 years. In 2009 Brian was awarded the AMTA's Robert N. Calvert Award for Lifetime Achievement. Brian has continued to be a mentor and inspiration of mine as I've grown into my work.

Karen Clay -  by 2012, I became certified in Karen Clay's Somatic Unwinding® technique, a physically meditative re-education of unconscious nerve function, unlocking one of many secrets to gentle, effective results. Karen holds a BA in dance and was a movement artist and performer for 20 years, beginning an active practice in Bodywork, Structural Integration and Somatic Education in 1985. Karen has been an on-going student in the field of Somatics for the past 40 years, eventually developing her own movement awareness classes including the Somatic Unwinding® that I utilize in my practice. Karen is currently studying Feldenkrais and I'm privileged to be attending her occasional practice sessions.

Pat O'rourke - One of the most profound aspects of BUSM’s curriculum for me was cadaver lab, which Pat enthusiastically taught in her 20 year tenure at the school. Her work with massage and trauma has inspired my practice, folding neatly in with the 8 week Grief Recovery Method I teach. I most recently worked with Pat as part of her structural head and neck class, a fantastic addendum review culminating in earning Intraoral endorsement in 2019, expanding my ability to treat headaches, TMJ disorders, and consequences of the ever familiar clenching/grinding due to stress, illness, and of course, trauma. 

Mike Hamm - Mike's work has been a key component in the development of the deep neurological intention in my practice. He was the first massage community luminary I met at BUSM who was pursuing my shared suspicions of a neural network within fascia in his tireless and ever-expanding contributions to massage research. Mike teaches anatomy, research literacy, and neurofascial bodywork around the US, serving as a Trustee for the Massage Therapy Foundation and co-chair of the Foundation's Best Practices Committee among many other pursuits and projects.

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