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Somatic Unwinding®

The definition of soma is "to perceive from within", meaning that you alone, as a soma, are capable of the perception of your sense of what it feels like to inhabit your body. This also means that it is you alone who are ultimately capable of unlocking its secrets.

Karen Clay's Somatic Unwinding® combines simple, often unfamiliar actions with a level of subtle awareness rarely utilized in our everyday lives. These movements, done while laying on the floor, are meant to be easeful, comfortable, and performed very, very slowly. By focusing intently on your felt-sense of being inside the subtle sensations of a simple repeating motion, we allow for the possibility of a softer way of being, and a gateway to understanding more deeply how we've come to be the way we are.

Participating in this neurological sensing movement acts as a re-education of your unconscious nerve functions, helping you rediscover lost range and ease of motion. This modality acts as a very effective method of helping us to investigate what elements of your body would do well receiving further attention during your session, as well as standing powerfully on its own.

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