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Session Examples

The following session descriptions are examples of what is possible, offered here to give an idea of the versatility in my approaches to helping people like you feel better. All Artful Touch sessions are personalized and custom built in real time, and will always take into account our time allotted, best practices, and containdications. Therefore, no Artful Touch session is ever gauranteed to include any one modality, technique, or feature. I'm happy to offer essential oil aromatics air sprays for any session, and for safety, I do not ever apply these oils directly to the skin.

30 minute Head/Neck/Hands/Feet (clothed, with intraoral and reflexology)

Short enough to make room for while still being effective. Clothed to save time, face up to avoid marks, perfect for both one-time clients looking for some immediate relief as well as those seeking an affordable, low-impact option for maintenance.

  1. For this 30-minute session we'll spend about 5-minutes on intake chatting about any contraindications, medications you're on, current and past medical diagnosis/surgery history, and getting your informed written consent to be treated.
  2. After that, we'll do about 25 minutes of clothed, face-up bodywork on a warm, comfortable massage table while focusing on your face, head, neck, shoulders, scalp, hands and feet.
  3. In short clothed sessions I most utilize Swedish/deep tissue, neuromuscular, intraoral, and positional release massage techniques, with a bit of sports massage, rocking, and vibration thrown in to involve all your limbs and systems.


60 minute Full Body/Deep Tissue (draped, using 15lb gravity blanket)

Reliable, tried and true session model that gets consistently satisfying results for a wide array of clients, and is based in what most consider the foundation of massage work.

  1. For this 60-minute session we'll spend about 5-10 minutes on intake chatting about your goals, any contraindications, medications you're on, current and past medical diagnosis/surgery history, and getting your informed written consent to be treated; which includes discussing your draping preferences as per the 2017 update to WA states massage legislature.
  2. After completing intake, I'll give you simple instructions as to where to place your clothes and whether to begin face up or face down in the cradle on the table, then leave the room to allow you to undress to your own comfort and get under the massage sheet. Once situated we'll do about 50 minutes of draped massage, which is characterized by my uncovering only the area of your body that I'm actively working on.
  3. Deep tissue is my main massage modality for a typical hour-long table session, and is characterized by use of massage oil, stripping (deep gliding pressure with elbows/forearms), and friction (short cross-fiber strokes). I also tend to use a fair bit of Myofascial release technique in these sessions, using raw shay butter to get that perfect hook.


90 minute Extended Intake, Somatic Unwinding®, Massage.

Educational and enriching, this structure enables aquaintance with the two main types of bodywork offered at Artful Touch, experiencing them in conjunction with one another.  Preferred initial session for clients anticipating returning, otherwise seeking self care facilitation specifically, and anyone who just wants to try out something geuinely unique.

  1. We begin this 90 minute session with an extensive intake process that takes at least 15 minutes, occasionally longer depending on our familiarity, and the complexity/depth of your presentation. We'll begin with assesment and goal setting, injury history, learn about what existing tools you already utilize, and put into perspective what your overall experience of everyday life in your body is like.
  2. Next we move from intake to Somatic Unwinding® for at least 30-45 minutes, a vocally guided technique which combines simple, often unfamiliar actions with a level of subtle awareness rarely utilized in our everyday lives, a type of physical reiterative meditation that will lul your unconscious neurology into a deepended awareness of sensing movement, re-educating your assumed limits and tensions.
  3. Once grounded, focused, and reconnected with yourself, we then utilize manual massage therapies in our remaining session time to address any specific, newly surfaced, or otherwise lingering concerns.
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