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Courtnee Fallon Rex: Signature Bodywork and Self Care Consultation.


Artful Touch is located in the Theater District of Tacoma, WA in the Passages building, at 708 Broadway. After serving Seattle for 8 years, I now offer periodic out-call/in-home bodywork service in the greater Seattle area (and occasionally practice out of the Bemis building in SODO). Please join the Artful Touch mailing list, making sure to set your city as Seattle, to be notified of upcoming Seattle service dates.


The human body is a remarkably adaptable, creative machine, which will do incredible things to acclimate to the stresses placed upon it: including limiting itself. In the flourish of modern life, the signals of our chronic distress become all too easily ignored, often intellectualized away rather than acknowledged effectively. This inherent wisdom deeply shapes the manner in which we experience things, whether we are actively listening or not.

I believe there are limitless advantages to being in better tune with our bodily indications and alarms. To a person remaining in dysfunction, dysfunction eventually becomes the norm. Inevitably, something, somewhere, gives. This is where I come in. I believe the moments where we become aware that we have not been listening and are called to do something new about it are scared turning points, opportunities for a profoundly improved quality of life.

These turning points, and assisting in navigating and maintaining them, are at the core of Artful Touch, offering unique, goal-oriented sessions that are versatile, affirming, educational, relaxing, replenishing, and fun!  


Whether through the touch of massage or vocal guidance in Somatic Unwinding® (and even through the grief recovery program I offer), communicating with your built-in message center is the underlying intention in the majority of my work. 

My touch is firm, confident, and satisfying. I like including multiple experiential elements into bodywork which engages and focuses your perception on what is physically happening during manual therapies, like having you breathe into my strokes, visualize inside your body, or resist against me. 

My approach to Somatic Unwinding® is twofold. I use the modality to provide an immersive, physically meditative experience in which you have all the power in your personal exploration of your felt sense, and I also utilize the results of that experience to focus my manual therapy approaches in a session.

Together, and with a respect for the ingenious path your vessel has taken in order to cope and get you to where you are today, it's possible to bring you profound and lasting results; probably sooner than you might think! 

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