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I offer a flat $60 cancellation policy when canceling within 48 hours of your scheduled on-site bodywork session, and I offer a flat $40 cancellation policy when canceling within 24 hours of your scheduled in-office bodywork session. 

I waive this charge under the following conditions:

  1. You ask me to waive my fee because your cancellation is due to sudden illness, travel complications, or other circumstances which are outside of your reasonable control and/or directly effect your ability to pay.
  2. We re-schedule and successfully complete your missed session within 7 days of your cancellation.
  3. The session cancellation is initiated by me (sorry about that!).

Your regard for my policy enables me to buck the industry standards like charging full session fees for cancellations, taking credit card deposits before booking sessions, requiring pre-payments for all sessions, and other such oppressive nonsense. For that, I deeply appreciate you.

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